Who are we?

The IT Grid

We are The IT Grid.
We are different.
We think of our customers friends as real people with thoughts and feelings.
We are honest, we tell it like it really is. 

So why should you use us?

We are a small team with a passion for technology and a thirst for new ideas . Some might call it an obsession but we take serious pride in our work. We work from a beautiful little office (actually we like to think of it as more of a lounge for our good friends) based in the heart of Cheltenham with low over heads. Because of this - you guessed it, we pass those savings directly onto you.

All of our network servers belong to us . We don't share hosting and servers with people we've never heard of (you wouldn't let just anyone use your best china now would you?)

We have an amazing contact network with some of the best people in the business - maintainted with day to day contact they are always available for us - and that means for you too.

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