Offsite Backup

Have you thought about what would happen if you lost all your data?

With our offsite backup service you can automatically backup your data to our secure data centre in the UK - We can provide this easy-to-use solution as a cloud backup service at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Why Cloud backup?

What happens if there is a fire, flood or someone breaks in and steals your server and the backup device?

What is Cloud backup?

A copy of selected files (the backup) that is sent via the internet to our data storage facility (cloud).

How might you use this?

  • Select folders with critical accounts or sales data and set them to backup automatically every night.
  • Backup your complete servers and store offsite every night.
  • Real-time backup – should your systems become unavailable you can switch to work from our servers.

Peace of mind!

Be happy in the knowledge you can get access to your data quickly and continue to run your business.

System features

  • Simply select the files and folders you want to store safely offsite 
  • Schedule a time for the backup to run on a daily basis, your information is saved to our secure servers using your Internet connection 
  • Store any files on the system, including documents, emails, databases, spreadsheets, digital images, music, PDF’s, scanned information, Exchange and SQL data 
  • All files are compressed & encrypted and backed up to separate locations across the UK. The first backup takes longer than the others as your data is being copied to our servers, once finished your daily backups are incremental (only files that are new or have been updated) and very quick After every backup you will receive an email confirming that your data is safe and how much has been backed up.
  • You can restore a single file/folder or all of your information quickly and at any time

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