Networking & Servers

Things happen so much more smoothly when we work as a team - this includes your IT equipment.

Networking all your IT equipment gives you much more control over your systems and allows you to save money by sharing resources. Print using your photocopier or scan directly to your network server so everyone can access scanned documents. 

Benefits of using a Server

  • Remote working, allows you and your staff to work from home or from another office.
  • Improve system recovery times - if a computer break staff can continue their work on another workstation with access to all their documents and settings.
  • Tightened security with the addition of the latest technology.
  • Store work centerally to allow all members of staff to access it.

We are able to design, setup and maintain your network to always ensure it is running for the best performance.  Why not give us a call on 01242 808909 to see what we can do for you.

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